Unseasonably cool temperatures combined with an overabundance of precipitation – this summer – has many farmers considering their nutrient management strategy earlier than expected. The excess rain has brought a number of nutrient management issues to light.

A growing concern for some is the lack of adequate storage to handle the additional rainfall. Others may be looking for ways to reduce runoff or be concerned with the worrisome possibility of contamination from mishandling of their biosecurity. The prevention and control of disease and pests is an agricultural challenge that is attracting growing public interest. Those three primary issues can completely be avoided with a sound nutrient management system.

Cadman expanded their bread and butter irrigation product line to offer viable nutrient management solutions for all facets of the manure cycle.

“Safety plays a huge part with the products we offer. We are constantly looking for ways to combat new issues while working within industry regulations” said Craig Cadman, V.P. Operations at Cadman Power Equipment. “Our focus always has been to take what works and improve upon it. We focus on making things better, more reliable, efficient, and above all, safer.”


About Cadman
Cadman offers a wide range of nutrient handling equipment from hose reels, power units, manure booms, injectors, liquid storage, biosecurity, pumps, pump sets, compressors, BackPac umbilical systems, hoses, and fittings for the agricultural sector. Cadman has been providing a wide range of irrigation systems since its inception in 1952 and is currently expanding its fluid transfer products to new markets. For more information about Cadman please visit www.cadmanpower.com.

Whether it is irrigation, fluid transfer, or nutrient management equipment, Cadman continues to develop and refine their innovative brand of machinery.