Cadman Utilizes Vogelsang Technology to Resolve Manure Management Concerns

Courtland, Ontario (August 2014) – Cadman Power Equipment – a versed resource in nutrient management in agriculture – has utilized various Vogelsang technologies for a number of innovative Cadman nutrient management products. Earlier this spring Cadman engineered a state-of-the-art hydraulic manure injector that features a Vogelsang ExaCut Distributor at its core.

“Every farmer has their own unique set of challenges,” said Craig Cadman, V.P. Operations at Cadman Power Equipment. “We not only want to provide a solution, but we pride ourselves on coming up with a variety of quality solutions to effectively solve each of our customer’s own specific needs. Vogelsang products are a key component in some of our large-scale nutrient handling equipment.”

Cadman Power Equipment now offers Vogelsang BackPacs as a part of their expanding nutrient handing suite. The BackPac umbilical system is a highly efficient way to spay manure, with maximum efficiency and minimal soil compression spreading to be done with quickly, and precisely using tanks or with a drag hose system.

“Using liquid manure instead of nitrogen and phosphorus-rich chemical fertilizer is the way of the future. It’s best for crops and our watersheds. We’re excited to introduce our diverse line of agriculture products in North America,” said Russ Boring, President of Vogelsang.

By incorporating cutting-edge technologies like those developed by Vogelsang, Cadman continues to introduce new innovative products and fresh ideas to the nutrient management market with the success and profitability of farmers in mind.


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Cadman offers a wide range of nutrient handling equipment from hose reels, power units, manure booms, injectors, liquid storage, biosecurity, pumps, pump sets, compressors, BackPac umbilical systems, hoses, and fittings for the agricultural sector. Cadman has been providing a wide range of irrigation systems since its inception in 1952 and is currently expanding its fluid transfer products to new markets. For more information about Cadman please visit

About Vogelsang

Vogelsang is a leading designer and manufacturer of pump and process equipment sold worldwide. Founded in 1929 as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, the company has grown to become a specialist in pumping, grinding, distribution, and spreading technology for the agricultural, biogas, industrial and municipal sectors. Today, the company’s major business areas are biogas, wastewater, and vacuum disposal technology alongside agriculture. Vogelsang currently employs just under 480 employees worldwide. The group comprises 18 subsidiaries and branches as well as 2 production facilities in Germany and 1 in the United States. Supplemented by a global dealer network, the company distributes its products everywhere. Further information can be found online at: