MINI 1000 series travellers

Cadman 1000 Series Travellers are ready when you are.

Cadman Mini 1000 Series Travellers are built to outlast the competition, with an accurate computer control system, one man operation, the mini-series are built to handle rough industrial terrain, are environmentally friendly, offer even water distribution with consistently higher yields.

Cadman is the only brand in the industry with accurate speed compensation. Mini travellers come equipped with simple two push button controls, a strong tubular frame, a well protected electric drive system and the ability to control retrieval speed with iWater™. 

Cadman mini 1000 series travellers

Strength, Simplicity, Dependability. These are more than just words to us. We have designed and manufactured every single one of our mini travellers with these qualities in mind. 


• One-man operation
• Environmentally friendly
• Built to handle rough industrial terrain
• Built to outlast the competition
• Even water distribution


• Simple two-push button controls
• Solar power option available
• Strong tubular frame
• Well-protected electric drive system
• Control retrieval speed with iWater
• Only make in the industry with an accurate speed compensation

Irrigation on this scale has never been so easy!


1250 Mini

1.25" X 230'
9 - 50 GPM

1500 Mini

1.5" x 350'
24 - 73 GPM

Cadman 2000s mini irrigation traveller

2000S Mini

2.0" x 400'
25 - 150 GPM

Frequently asked questions


Revolutionary Computer-Controlled Speed Compensation

What is it?

When applying water for irrigation, precision is important. For sports field managers, horse arena managers, farmers and gardeners alike, consistency and accuracy is key.

For smaller travelling gun systems, however, consistency has been an issue. Why? They lack accurate speed compensation.

As a reel begins to retrieve the gun cart, and the hose wraps around the drum, the diameter of the drum will increase as a result, meaning that unless this increase is compensated for, the gun will move faster and faster as the gun cart gets closer to the machine. In some cases this increase is as high as 50% faster. That much faster means approximately 34% less water will be applied at the end of the run than at the start. This gives an inconsistent result in watering, in crop, turf or engi- neered footing quality.

The solution? Accurate, computer-controlled speed compensation.

Cadman Mini Travellers use the innovative and simple to use iWaterTM Mini controller coupled with an electric drive sys- tem for the ultimate in accuracy. Compared to systems without speed compensation, or with speed compensation based on inaccurate turbine controls, the Cadman system provides more accurate and reliable watering throughout the run. The electric motor drive does not rely on water pressure to retrieve the hose, reducing the need for high pressure at the inlet, and allowing for retrieve rates as low as 1” per minute and as high as 90” per minute regardless of flow rate or available pressure. The computer does all of the work – the user only needs to pull out the hose, tell the computer what retrieve rate to use, engage the clutch – and walk away.

Cadman is the first manufacturer to produce a computer-controlled mini machine with accurate speed compensation. We have engineered our machines to be strong, simple to use and easy to maintain.

Irrigation on this scale has never been so easy.

  • The electric drive makes minimum operating pressure obsolete
  • Ability to operate at much slower and faster retrieval speeds, as slow as 1”/ minute and as fast as 150”/minute
  • The mini now can essentially operate at any pressure (Minimum levels are required for gun efficiency.
  • Electric drive eliminates water coming into contact with any moving parts other than the sprinkler itself. This will mean a reduction in service related issues.
  • Each mini includes two batteries and a trickle charger. This allows the operator to run the machine while charging a spare battery. At full charge, the machine is capable of retracting the hose from 10 – 18 times.
  • All Cadman 1000 travellers are outfitted with our new electric drive system (2 – 12V batteries and charger come with each mini)

Sports Fields

Football, Soccer, Rugby, Baseball, Practice Fields, Sports Complexes, Turf Management, Track & Field, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Equestrian, Dust Control, Dressage Rings, Show Jumping, Ranches, Golf Courses


Hobby Farms, Gardens & Herbs, Sod Farms, Research Plots, Conservation Areas

Home & Garden

Lawns, Gardens, Frost Protection, Nurseries

Industrial Services

Dust Suppression, Waste Water Disposal, Hydroseeding, Landscaping, Landfills, Soil Remediation Projects, Cemeteries

Cool off an entire football field with one flawless and precise pass in 30 to 60 minutes with the advanced synthetic turf cooling system. 

Simple, reliable, portable irrigation for sport fields, pastures, hobby farms, ranches and construction sites.


  • Pulls an entire field in 30 – 60 minute
  • Control retrieval speed with iWaterTM
  • 1 Pass field pull (covers an entire football field)
  • Well protected drive system
  • Dual-gun sprinkler cart for even coverage with high speed retrieval
  • Only brand in the industry with accurate speed compensation
  • Battery powered electric drive system
  • Strong tubular frame
  • Three wheeled chassis for extra stability and three large floatation tires make transport by small garden tractor or utility vehicle extra simple


  • Automatic shutoff allows for unattended operation 
  • No risk of fuel spillage
  • Quick setup