Vogelsang dribble bars


Product Information

The BackPac umbilical system is a highly efficient way to spay manure, with maximum efficiency and minimal soil compression spreading to be done with quickly, and precisely using tanks or with a drag hose system.


  • Works with both hard and soft hose systems
  • Highly precise distribution with a dual symmetrical hose arrangement
  • Transport position following the tractor
  • Remote unlocking and folding of the side arms
  • Mounted in a 3-point design
  • The stable supporting frame can handle strong tension
  • Evenly spaced lines of spread manure from the drain hoses promote optimum growth
  • No additional accessories required for the tractor
  • EasyPack preinstallation
  • Solid construction will withstand the test of time
  • An iron-clad warranty is available to protect against the unexpected
  • A hydraulic high torque motor allows you to get to the next job quickly


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Efficient and flexible spreading
  • Compatible and easily configured
  • Cutting-edge technology and superior quality
  • Spread liquid manure at precisely the right place

BackPac Options:

  • DropStop with the CFC hose shut-off
  • Sectional shutoff
  • Oscillation compensation (starting at 18 m)
  • The system is folded up semi-hydraulically

BackPac Widths:

  • 9m / 29.5′
  • 12m / 39′
  • 15m / 49′
  • 18m / 59′
  • 21m / 69′
  • 24m / 79′
  • 27m / 88.5′
  • 30m / 98.5′

Section Management

  • Reliable hose close-off for section switching, tramlines, close-off of individual groups
  • Hose close-off customized to the field and the spreading system
  • Quick operation by pressing a button and/or fully automated control from the cab
  • Easy to retrofit on existing dribble bar systems

Section Switching

The right or left side arm can be turned off. This can be done pneumatically, hydraulically or manually. In addition, an individual pneumatic or manual shutoff can be installed for individual hoses.

BackPac: Dribble bar linkage for Umbilical Systems

Umbilical systems are preferred on farms with large and compact fields, difficult soil conditions or in regions where they are traditionally used. BackPac is the ideal system for this highly efficient way to spread liquid manure.

Umbilical systems need no additional manure transport vehicles. They are highly efficient especially for larger farms, keeping the transport costs down. Instead of using tankers for transport the manure is pumped directly to the fields through a tubing system. The pipe is connected to the pulling arm on the Vogelsang BackPac which is mounted on BackPac: Dribble bar linkage for Umbilical Systems the tractor by three point linkage. The liquid manure is spread directly on the field employing only tractor, BackPac and drag hose without the tanker driving on the field. This minimizes soil compression. Breaks are avoided because tankers do not have to be filled up due to the direct connection to the manure supply. This maintains the best soil conditions and saves time.

To be transported, the BackPac is folded up behind the tractor and does not extend beyond the width of the vehicle. The BackPac comes with a variety of useful functions and can be centrally equipped with a DosiMat LVX or ExaCut, or alternately with to decentralized DosiMat LVXs or ExaCuts.

Comfort Flow Control (CFC)

The universal solution for sectional switching, tramline switching, and/or closing off selected hose groups on the dribble bar system.

The way the patented CFC works is uniquely simple and clever: It primarily consists of a type of balloon and a small compressed air line. It is correspondingly economical and robust.

For this purpose, CFC is installed in the hose outlets of the spreader device immediately after the distributor. From the driver’s cab, each hose or group of hoses can be turned off pneumatically by remote controls.

In addition, the CFC can be used for a compact and reliable DropStop for cultivators, harrows, cutting tools and injectors. Everything under control directly from the cab – it does not get any easier, more flexible or precise.