A hose reel to outlast the rest

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Cadman engineer their hose caddies to be durable, reliable and simple to use which has proven to be the case since the hose caddy line was first built in 2002. The following hose caddy models are primarily used in manure application in situations where the farmer has to quickly set up, move from field to field, set up again, and disassemble their manure application system in a timely fashion.

In some cases where the farmer has an extra small window to apply manure, in circumstances where the weather is not cooperating – too much rain making the fields too wet or in other when winter has lasted longer than expected and interferes with the timing of the crop cycle.

Time is of the essence, and this is where Cadman’s brand of hose reels shine.

Cadman Hose Caddies are easy to tow, deploy hose, retrieve hose – at a moment’s notice – wash-up and put away for easy storage and ready for the next season and many following years to come.

cadman Hose Caddies