Cadman Irrigation Travellers

Cadman Travellers mean Strength, Simplicity, and Dependability

Quality hard hose traveller's from the company you've trusted for over 70 years.

Cadman has focused on the manufacture of irrigation equipment since the 1980s, with the design of our own Irrigation Travellers. The Travellers provide farmers with an efficient method to deliver large volumes of water to their crops in a more effective manner saving both time and money. Through innovation and constant improvement, Cadman works continuously to introduce the latest technologies to farmers and continue to deliver Strength, Simplicity, and Dependability.

We provide Hard Hose Irrigation Traveller options from 1.25″ to 5.0″ I.D., with flow rates from 8 GPM up to 900 GPM. Contact us today to design the most efficient irrigation application for your specific needs.

The Cadman Series of Irrigation Travellers

Mini 1000 Series

Agriculture, Industrial, Commercial Applications
Hose: 1.25" - 2.0" x 230' - 350'
Flow Rate: 8 to 150 GPM


3000 Series

Mid-Size Applications
3" - 3.5" x 925' - 1390'
160 - 440 GPM


4000 Series

Our Flagship Machine
Hose: 3.75" - 4.5" x 1175' - 1390'
Flow Rate: 300 - 600 GPM


5000 Series

Large Irrigation Needs
Hose: 3.3" - 5.0" x 1200' - 2250'
Flow Rate: 200 - 900 GPM

The Cadman Difference

Need a Pump or Pump Set for your Traveller?

We provide pumping stations for virtually any pumping requirements and budget. Click the link below for more.