Cadman maure equipment
Pumping liquid gold

It's time to rethink your manure.

Use Cadman Manure Equipment to Convert Manure into Profit

Manure is liquid gold.  It is full of valuable nutrients that your crops need to increase yields, improve quality and maximize your profits.  Cadman innovative manure equipment allows you to make the most of your manure, either through side-dressing throughout the season in a growing crop with our Continuous Manure Applicator, or applying more traditionally by drag line in spring and fall.  Side-dressing into a growing crop will boost yields, increase profitability, reduce input costs for fertilizer, and prevent potentially costly runoff of manure off of your farm.  Our easy to use equipment also helps address concerns about compaction, and helps you stay on the right side of environmental regulations.  Our complete line of applicators, drag line systems, hose caddies, and pumping stations will maximize the value stored in your manure, and convert that value into dollars in your pocket after harvest. 

Manure Management Equipment

Continuous Manure Applicator

Inject manure into your growing row crop with the all-new CMA


Apply manure without the compaction of tankers or the hassle of soft drag hose


Hose Caddies

Store, transport and deploy your hose with our line of Caddies - Save time and money


Manure Booms

Two and three nozzle manure booms available


Talk to us about a strong, simple and dependable injector to meet your needs

Pumping Stations

Deere, Deutz and FPT with efficient manure pumps to keep you up and running

Pump Sets

John Deere, Kubota, FPT, Deutz Pump Sets


Cornell and Berkely Pumps

cadman pumper trailer

Pumper Trailers

A pumper trailer to suit the needs of any pumper

vogelsang dribble bar

Dribble Bars

Vogelsang is the most compact dribble bar linkage, making it universally usable, and it also stands out thanks to its low weight

albers manure storage bag

Liquid Storage

The Winsystem, a special frame with reel, is used to roll up the Winbag. The reel can be driven hydraulically by a petrol engine.

cadman hard hose

Hose, Pipe & Fittings

We have a large variety of sizes to fit all your manure needs.

Water when and where you need it.