Cadman Power Equipment Ltd.

70 years of excellence.

For 70 years now Cadman Power Equipment has been offering irrigation systems to the communities in Southern Ontario. Since 1982 Cadman has been an international leader in exporting agricultural and industrial machinery worldwide. Now in 2021, 70 years later with over 130 product offerings, and equipment in 21 countries Cadman Power Equipment commitment continues to stand as STRENGTH. SIMPLICITY. DEPENDABILITY.


Strength. Simplicity. Dependability

Cadman Power Equipment has been a recognized leader in irrigation since 1952. Our motto: Strength, Simplicity and Dependability is more than just words - it is the philosophy behind everything we do. Our company has been providing effective, economical, and efficient solutions for your irrigation needs for over 70 years.

At Cadman, we provide total solutions to meet your irrigation requirements including Irrigation Travellers of all sizes, Irrigation Booms, Sprinklers, Power Units, Pumps, Broadcast Carts, Hose, Pipe, and Fittings. With our talented technical representatives, we have the capabilities to design an irrigation system tailored specifically to any project.

Cadman has focused on the manufacture of irrigation equipment since the 1980s, with the design of our own Irrigation Travellers. The Travellers provide farmers an efficient method to deliver large volumes of water to their crops in a more effective manner saving both time and money. Through innovation and constant improvement, Cadman works continuously to introduce the latest technologies to farmers, and continue to deliver Strength, Simplicity, and Dependability.

Irrigation Systems

Cadman Power Equipment Limited, a third-generation sole proprietorship, has been manufacturing and distributing reliable, high-quality irrigation equipment design since 1952. With many technical representatives, Cadman has the capabilities to design an irrigation system for any size project.

Our Travellers Outlast The Rest

Cadman began manufacturing fluid transfer equipment specifically for the agricultural sector in the early 1980s when they fabricated their own design of irrigation travellers. These water travellers provided farmers with a simple method to deliver large volumes of water to their crops much easier and quicker than they could before. Through product demand and company innovation, Cadman continued to grow, improve, and refine their engineering process – producing and selling more units – year over year.

Manure Mangement

By the year 2000, Cadman expanded their agricultural product catalogue to enable their consumers to move heavier, denser, liquids even longer distances. They manufactured dynamic liquid manure transfer and application equipment including their own brand of hose and drag hose reels. Power units were equipped with larger engines, improved pumps, additional safety features, and the appropriate manure moving components for the agricultural sector.

The First Hard Hose Drag System

The Cadman M-Series is the world’s first hard hose drag system. It can be used in conjunction with any Cadman applicators – booms, injectors or Vogelsang Dribble-bar BackPacs.

The M-Series manure reels have the advantage of walking beam axles, hydraulic drive and capacity for large diameter and long length hoses. It carries up to 2000’ of hard hose and capacity for sets up to 160 acres per setup pumping at 1200 GPM or 4500 l/min. Setup can be completed by one experienced person.

We would like to thank our dealers, customers and employees for 70 years of excellence!