Cadman 4000 series travellers

Our Flagship Machine, the Definition of Strength, Simplicity, Dependability

Cadman’s 4000 Series of Travellers are built for applications of up 10.4 acres per pull (80 acres per week), in fields as long as 1450’.  Rugged construction, a 10-year gearbox warranty, and flow rates up to 750 GPM allow you to irrigate with confidence in a system that has one of the fastest ROI’s in the industry.

A Cadman 4000 Series Traveller is the ideal machine for irrigation in fields of any size or shape.

Cadman 4000 series travellers

Honda OHV 4 HP Engine with Cadman Transmission: Set-and-forget operation without complicated gear changes, or pressure loss due to turbine systems. Up to 70 hours of operation per tank of gasoline. The Cadman transmission comes with a 10 YEAR warranty.

Slewing Ring Turntable: Virtually maintenance-free and effortless turning of the upper frame of the traveller to provide additional stability, and the ability to do irrigation pulls in multiple directions.

Heavy Duty Drum: The strongest drum in the industry by far. Oversized drum core protects the hose from excessive wear in wrapping, reducing long-term operating costs.

Long-Lasting Drum Bearings: Made of high-strength lubricated nylon, these virtually maintenance-free bearings will last through years of trouble-free operation.

Large Plumbing: 4” plumbing into the machine reduces friction loss and loss due to directional changes. More pressure ends up where it is needed – at the gun – for highly efficient and cost-saving irrigation.

Positive Traction Chain Drive: A number 80 chain around the outer rim of the drum overdrive lugs gives Cadman Travellers the highest torque in hard pulls and the most efficient drive system in the industry. Auto Stop and Hose

Build-up Safety: Cadman travellers are set-and-forget, including at the end of a pull, or if a problem develops. The traveller will automatically shut down if the hose mis-wraps, or when the gun cart has returned to the traveller at the end of the run. 


  • High-quality hard hose
  • Accurate hose indexing
  • Rugged frame
  • Positive-traction chain-drive
  • Heavy-Duty drum
  • Automatic Gun Cart Stop
  • Disc Brake to Prevent Hose Recoil
  • Slewing Ring Turntable
  • Hose Build-Up Safety Switch

    3750 XL-WB

    Hose: 3.75" x 1390'
    Flow Rate: 300 - 400 GPM


    4000 S-WB

    Hose: 4.09" x 1250'
    Flow Rate: 300 - 450 GPM


    4500 S-WB

    Hose: 4.5" x 1175'
    Flow Rate: 400 - 600 GPM