Cadman manure Injectors

Cadman's Hydraulic Manure Injector are in a League of their Own

By using a manure injector farmers have ability to place nutrients directly into the seedbed limiting the chance of spilling. This saves the user thousands of dollars on costly fertilizers.

Cadman’s front-folding hydraulic manure injector is a first of its kind. What makes this these models special is the ability to fold from either 20′, 30’ or 40′ and larger – depending which model you choose – down to 11’ wide for safe highway travel, moving from field to field.

Cadman Injectors

20' Manure Injector

30' Manure Injector

40' Manure Injector

Standard tooling includes: Cadman Coulters, Aerway Tines, Dietrich, VTI or Yetter Avenger.
Folds down to: 11’ or 11.5’ wide for easy highway travel.
Spacing available: 18”, 20”, 24”, 30”

Product Information
  • One person operation
  • Save money by replacing synthetic fertilizers with manure
  • Use a drag hose system instead of tankers and eliminate compaction
  • Eliminate run-off and put the nutrients on when they are needed by the crop
  • Less soil compaction than your tanker spreaders
  • Less manure odour when using a drag hose manure injection system
  • Choose your tooling (standard: Cadman Coulters, Aerway Tines, Dietrich, VTI or Yetter Avenger) or other custom
  • Folds down to 11’ or 11.5’ wide for easy highway travel
  • 18”, 20”, 24”, 30” spacing available
  • Cadman injectors are available in widths 20′, 30′, 40′ and larger
  • Easily convert from field operation to transport towing mode with a width of 8’9″ allowing for convenient transportation from field to field 
  • Standard tooling spacing is 30″ with other spacing options available
  • Internal knife distribution system ensures even distribution of manure through tooling across the width of the injector
    • ***available in offset swing arm for in crop application with CMA and centre swing arm for regular dragline 
  • 11’ or 11.5′ wide when folded for convenient highway travel
  • Built in Vogelsang ExaCut Distributor
  • Versatile 2-point hitch
  • Hydraulic tongue extends independently of the wings
  • 2D Conventional grade control
  • Blow-out ball catcher
  • 6” Plumbing
  • Hydraulically controlled outrigger stabilizers