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Cadman Irrigation Booms


Cadman Power Equipment’s line of Strong, Simple and Dependable booms are the first choice for farmers around the world. Cadman offers three- and four-wheeled versions of our booms with lane spacing from 100’ (33m) to 295’ (90M) to suit the needs of virtually any farm operation.

Our booms offer an efficient, low-pressure system that allows you to get all the flexibility and portability of a traveller paired with all of the benefits of a linear system at a fraction of the cost. Cadman Booms offer single-person operation – an individual experienced operator can fold or unfold in 6 or 7 minutes, and the booms are narrow enough to be towed from field to field without worry.

These booms are designed to help farmers improve profitability by saving pumping and labour costs, and by helping to reduce crop diseases. They allow you to make efficient use of water by preventing runoff, preventing drift on windy days, and reducing the impact of water on delicate plants, such as newly planted crops or lettuces. They also put more water where you intend to put it, by reducing evaporation loss, and providing a 90-95% Coefficient of Uniformity. Cadman Booms work well with any brand of reel system. However, when paired with Cadman Travellers our boom system offers the ultimate in efficiency, flexibility, and ease of operation you need to help improve your bottom line.

3 and 4 Wheel Irrigation Booms

3-wheel-irrigation boom

3 Wheel Boom

Sizes: 30m and 40m


4 Wheel Boom

Sizes: 32m, 42m, 64m, 64m High Crop and 76m

Product Information
  • Controlled droplet size reduces soil damage.
  • Large droplets can be selected to reduce drift while fine droplets can be used for very delicate crops.
  • Reduced impact from small droplets also reduces soil capping and soil erosion, protects plants against disease.
  • Low pressure operation helps reduce pumping costs and puts less strain on the pipeline.
  • All our booms are made from steel and are fully galvanized which ensures a long lifespan.
  • Efficient, tough, reliable and surprisingly versatile.
  • Easy to operate, can be folded by one person in just a few minutes.
  • Uniform water application gives far more even crop growth compared to big-gun systems.
  • Can reduce water consumption by 30% compared with big-gun systems.
  • High-efficiency use of water allows faster retraction enabling large areas to be covered in less time.
  • Just as efficient as drip irrigation with the added benefit of washing and cooling the crop. This will in turn increase your yields.


  • Lane spacings of 59″ to 120″ 
  • Booms operate at a low pressure (9 to 45 psi / 0.62 to 3.1 bar) and can apply from 61 to 220 gpm or 277 to 998 l/min.


  • A fixed hydraulic lift system has been developed to transport the booms on the reel safely for your ease.
  • Accurate and uniform water distribution including controlled droplet size to match the crop.
3 Wheel Irrigation Boom

3 wheel performance chart

4 Wheel Irrigation Boom

4 wheel performance chart

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