Cadman 3000 Series Traveller

3250XL WB


3250XL WB

Cadman Irrigation Traveller

  • Hose I.D: 3.25″ (82.5 mm)
  • Hose Length: 1250′ (381 m)
  • Input Pressure at Traveller: 130 – 150 PSI (9 – 10 bar)
  • Gun Pressure: 80 – 90 PSI (5.5 – 6 bar)
  • Flow Rate: 200 – 310 GPM (757 – 1173 l/min)
3250 xl wb Product Information
  • Honda OHV 4 HP Engine with Cadman Transmission: Set-and-forget operation without complicated gear changes, or pressure loss due to turbine systems. Up to 70 hours of operation per tank of gasoline. The Cadman transmission comes with a 10 YEAR warranty.
  • Slewing Ring Turntable: Virtually maintenance-free and effortless turning of the upper frame of the traveller to provide additional stability, and the ability to do irrigation pulls in multiple directions.
  • Heavy Duty Drum: The strongest drum in the industry by far. Oversized drum core protects the hose from excessive wear in wrapping, reducing long-term operating costs.
  • Long-Lasting Drum Bearings: Made of high strength lubricated nylon, these virtually maintenance-free bearings will last through years of trouble-free operation.
  • Large Plumbing: 4” plumbing into the machine reduces friction loss, and loss due to directional changes. More pressure ends up where it is needed – at the gun – for highly efficient and cost-saving irrigation.
  • Positive Traction Chain Drive: A number 80 chain around the outer rim of the drum over drive lugs gives Cadman Travellers the highest torque in hard pulls and most efficient drive system in the industry.
  • Auto Stop and Hose Build up Safety: Cadman travellers are set-and-forget, including at the end of a pull, or if a problem develops. The traveller will automatically shut down if the hose mis-wraps, or when the gun cart has returned to the traveller at the end of the run.
  • Accurate Hose Indexing: Cadman’s hose guide system keeps the polyethylene hose in it place accurately and efficiently. With its rugged design, maintenance is kept to a minimum. 
  • Easy-To-Read Speedometer: All Cadman Travellers are equipped with an easy-to-read speedometer, displaying the hose retrieval rate. 
  • Heavy Duty Crank Down Stabilizers: Come standard on the 3000 Series Cadman Travellers. Telescopic jacks are built to Cadman’s specifications for rigid trouble-free operation. 
  • Feeder Hose: 4″ x 25′ hose is supplied to connect the traveller to your mainline. 
  • Gun Cart: Cadman offers two different carts for the 3000 Series Travellers. For medium and low height crops we have a 46” clearance cart and for high crops a 62” clearance cart is available. These rugged carts are galvanized and are made of steel tube construction. Based on three wheels, the carts are variable width with adjustment to fit the plant rows. Riser extensions are also available as an option.
  • Hose I.D: 3.25″ (82.5 mm)
  • Hose Length: 1250′ (381 mm)
  • Input Pressure at Traveller: 130 – 150 PSI (9 – 10 bar)
  • Gun Pressure: 80 – 90 PSI (5.5 – 6 bar)
  • Flow Rate: 200 – 310 GPM (757 – 1173 l/min)
  • Chain-Style Stabilizer Jacks: For rapid dropping of jacks, no bending, no pulling of pins. Note: not a good option for applications where the ground is hard.
  • Hydraulic Stabilizers: Perfect for applications for hard ground, or situations where the customer wants to raise or lower the stabilizers from their tractor cab
  • Quick Hitch and Tractor Lift Bar: Allows the operator to hook up to the traveller to tow it without getting off the tractor.
  • Sprinkler Kit: Manually controlled sprinkler mounted to the traveller body to cover the ground in front of the traveller that may be missed by the main gun in close.
  • 4” Blow Out Adapter with ¼” Inlet: A fitting that can be added to the inlet feeder pipe to use air pressure to blow water out of the traveller to reduce the weight of the unit for towing, or for winterization.
  • Gauge Protector Kit: For use with manure applications, protects pressure gauges from being fouled by solids.
  • Murphy Shut Down Gauge: A high/low Murphy Gauge that shuts the reel down if pressure falls below, or spikes above user selected pre-set levels.

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