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Utilizing the benefits of your manure has never been easier

Side-dress Liquid Manure With Hard Hose in Row Crops During the Growing Season

Concept by Alig – Designed and Built by Cadman

Cadman has taken a concept developed by the Alig Brothers of Ohio, to design and build the Continuous Manure Applicator (CMA). The Cadman CMA Silver is engineered to apply liquid manure to growing crops by side-dressing in fields as long as 1650 feet. The Alig Brothers brought their patent-pending concept and ten years of data collected by The Ohio State University to Cadman Power Equipment. Cadman’s expertise in engineering, design, and manufacturing was a perfect fit with the science – the best time to apply manure is not in the spring and fall, but when the crops are growing.


silver series

Features & Specifications
  • Hose I.D.: 4.5″ to 5.75″
  • Hose Length: 2000 – 2400′
  • Up to 1575 GPM 
  • In-cab remote controls 
  • PTO Hydraulic Drive
  • Two person operation 

When can you apply manure?

The Cadman CMA enables farmers to apply manure virtually whenever it is required. Manure can be applied to crops before, after, and now during the crop cycle. Nutrient can be applied to the crop up until it reaches 3 to 4 feet tall.

How to maximize the value of manure?

You can maximize the value of manure by applying it at it’s peak nutritional value – when it is fresh. Applying manure with the Cadman CMA row crop unit could give a potential of a 200 bushel corn crop by basically using manure only.

How do you eliminate compaction?

You eliminate compaction by incorporating a linear drag hose system. The CMA carries enough hose (a ½ mile) so you don’t have to drive over the same path repeatedly by filling and refilling exceedingly heavy tankers which damages and compacts soil.

How to solve an ongoing environmental concerns?

With the CMA, the manure is pumped right from the manure source to the CMA and row crop injector which is then injected directly into the ground – exactly where it is supposed to go. Injecting nutrient directly into the soil eliminates any chance of nutrient run-off, keeping watersheds clear of contamination.

How to combat the rising cost of synthetic fertilizers?

Manure is a more readily available nutrient source. Using manure increases the water-holding capacity / infiltration / organic matter of soil better than synthetic fertilizers. Simply put, manure is a superior replacement for fertilizers and when applied correctly – in a timely matter with a Cadman CMA – you will see greater results at a fraction of the cost.


The CMA generates a larger time window for spreading liquid manure, allowing you to spread via side-dress, during the row crop growing season.The most recent research has proven that the CMA can generate more profits by utilizing the nutrients in manure (N, P & K) while the crop is growing. At the same time, public concerns are minimized by utilizing incorporation vs spraying of liquid manure. There is a reduction in runoff because of the incorporation of liquid manure in the soil during application, which in turn reduces the smell for your neighbours. Incorporation with the CMA introduces a new and innovative method to meet current and upcoming regulations.

With government agencies pushing to limit fall application on post-harvest soil, storage capacity is expected to increase to allow for a longer timeframe before the spring spreading season begins. By using the manure during the growing season, the CMA allows you to keep a manageable amount of storage; which is exactly what you need to make the best use of the nutrients in the manure. The loss of nutrient value when applying manure pre- and post-crop, necessitates the use of artificial fertilizers. The ground impact of applying liquid manure is reduced with the CMA. Compaction is limited by using only a tractor and incorporation toolbar, pulling a hose. CMA allows you to apply liquid manure during the crop growing season!


  • One person operation
  • Hose deployment and retraction is controlled remotely
  • Pull the hose out as far as a ½ mile Utilize the nutrients in the manure and replace synthetic fertilizer Use hose instead of tankers and eliminate compaction
  • Eliminate run-off and put the nutrients on when they are needed by the crop Get the most nutrients from your manure and side-dress your crop up to 4’ tall.
  • Stops compaction by keeping the tankers off the soil Increase yield by 7 – 15%. Payback in two pumping seasons or less!

*Payback calculations are based on total acres applied as well as nutrient content of the manure vs. applied rate. Please contact you local Cadman rep. for a complete payback calculation.

After accumulating 4 years of *data from a study which concluded that placing manure on a growing crop is the best use of manure and allows the crop to best utilize the nutrients within its composition – resulting in a yield as much or more than conventional fertilizer.

Using current average manure test results, a swine finish manure pit has the equivalent, using 6000 U.S. gallons per acre application rate, has 195 units of nitrogen, 250 units of P205 and 185 units of K2O. When comparing the value of manure to current cost of commercial fertilizer that gives you at least $290.00 worth of organic matter that’s in manure. Applying manure with the Cadman CMA row crop unit could give a potential of 200 bushel corn crop by basically using manure only.

Dairy lagoon manure can average similar results, using average manure *test at a rate of 13,500 gal per acre, will give you an estimated value of at least $250.00 of N, P, K per acre.

Using the Cadman CMA and row crop tool bar concept by the Alig brothers of Ft. Recovery OH will enhance the best management practices of manure application.

* Manure use data acquired from Ohio State University, OARDC Northwest Branch, Com Research Plots.

*Test results of the manure are assumed available about 50% of the available nitrogen. Application rates and manure tests should be on an individual basis of each lagoon or pit.

Swing Arm 

  • The patent pending Cadman swing arm is uniquely built to work with the CMA reel. The equal length arm includes a controllable pivot wheel at the end of the arm in order to keep the hose in the crop row. Once the hose is aligned in the row, simply put the wheel in float and let the Cadman swing arm do the rest of the work.
  • The arm is attached to a heavy-duty pivot that allows for steep grades on the land. As well, it is conveniently placed to allow for clearance over tall crops such as corn.
  • Once finished with the machine, the arm can be folded behind the injector for easy transport to the next job.

CMA Remote – Control the CMA remotely from the comfort of the tractor cab, allowing for one-man operation.

The remote controls the following:

  • Advanced turn cycle

  • Turn back cycle

  • Ramp engine RPM up or down

  • Disengage and engage clutch for pump set for automatic or manual

  • Open and close inlet valve in pump automatically or manually

  • Drive and steer the machine

  • Move stabilizer feet up or down

  • Reel in hose

  • Displays all engine, pump and flow telemetry

Cadman Injectors 
    • Knife distribution system
    • CMA side swing arm
    • Cadman tooling (other tooling available)
    • Standard spacing 30”

    It's Time to Re-think Your Manure

    Four Step Application Process

    One: Pull Out Cycle

    The tractor pulls the injector with the patented CMA swivel arm. The arm pulls out the 5.3” I.D. hard hose away from the CMA and incorporates in 30’ width rows.

    Three: Retrieve Cycle

    The tractor returns at the same speed it is pulled out. Tractor ground speed on the return trip is synchronized by coordination between the CMA and the injector operators.

    Two: Turn Cycle

    When the tractor gets to the opposite end of the field (up to 1/2 a mile). the tractor turns 180o and comes back down the field, incorporating another 30’ strip. When the tractor turns, the swing arm turns to the side of the tool-bar, which keeps the hose in the same row it was pulled out on.

    Four: Advance Turn

    The towable CMA reel is controlled by the operator in the tow tractor. While the injection tractor is completing its return trip, the CMA reel operator moves forward 60’ in order to start another pass.