it's time to retink your manure

A revolution in nutrient management to improve your bottom line

Concept by Alig – Designed and Built by Cadman.
Get the most out of your manure with application well into the growing season

The Results are in: 10-15% Greater Yield!

Side-Dress Liquid Manure With Hard Hose Row Crops During The Growing Season

Soybean and corn crops harvested this year that have been side-dressed with manure had a 10 to 15% yield increase.

Cadman has taken a concept brought forward by the Alig brothers of Ohio to design, build and market a new Continuous Manure Applicator (CMA) which is engineered to apply liquid manure via side-dress to row crops such as corn in fields as long as a ½ mile.

The Alig brothers brought their patent-pending concept and four years of data collected by Ohio State University to Cadman where they used an example of corn side-dressed with liquid manure once the corn was in the ground. The data concluded that the best time to apply manure is when the corn reaches between 3 to 4 feet in height.

Increase your window to spread manure by TWO months with the Continuous Manure Applicator.


5750, 5300, 5000, 4500

Our lighter CMA

PTO Hydraulic Drive


5300, 5500

Our largest CMA

Engine Drive

Frequently asked questions

Boost Yields: See an increase in yields of up to 15% by using manure in growing crops

Save on Fertilizer Costs: Unlock the value stored in your manure to reduce the need for artificial fertilizers

Increase Profitability: Raise yields, lower input costs, reduce operating expenses, save on fuel costs, and convert the value stored in your manure pits into cash in your pocket

Avoid Penalties: Reduce risk of runoff, and travelling on public roadways and reduce the risk of potentially expensive financial penalties

Reduced Compaction: Protect your soil by avoiding compaction when compared to heavy tankers

Limit Trafficked Acres: Use a 30’, 40’ or 60’ toolbar to maximize your coverage and minimize damage to your soil

Save Time: Apply manure during the growing season, without worrying about delays in planting, and continuously apply manure to your field without having to make multiple trips to refill tankers

Reduce Equipment Needs: Apply in-crop, in spring and fall as a drag line, and triple the use of the CMA as an irrigator when you need it

Improve Biosecurity: Owning your own equipment reduces your reliance on custom manure pumpers and helps protect your livelihood

Protect the Environment: Reduce the risk of spills and runoff into our watersheds, and protect our precious natural resource

The CMA generates a larger time window for spreading liquid manure, allowing you to spread via side-dress, during the row crop growing season. The most recent research has proven that the CMA can generate more profits by utilizing the nutrients in manure (N, P & K) while the crop is growing.

At the same time, public concerns are minimized by utilizing incorporation instead of spraying of liquid manure. Runoff is reduced, nutrient utilization is increased, and concerns from neighbours about smell, and wider concerns about runoff and the environment are reduced–along with your risk of expensive fines. Incorporation with the CMA introduces a new and innovative method to meet current and upcoming regulations.

With government agencies pushing to limit fall application on post-harvest soil, storage capacity is expected to increase to allow for a longer timeframe before the spring spreading season begins. By using the manure during the growing season, the CMA allows you to keep a manageable amount of storage; which is exactly what you need to make the best use of the nutrients in the manure.The loss of nutrient value when applying manure pre- and post-crop, necessitates the use of artificial fertilizers. The ground impact of applying liquid manure is reduced with the CMA. Compaction is limited by using only a tractor and incorporation toolbar, pulling a hose. CMA allows you to apply liquid manure during the crop growing season up to 3 4’.

Incorporate your liquid manure after planting to see tremendous yield increases, in row crop up to 4’ tall. Apply via side-dress with minimum compaction and damage to plants with the all new… Cadman Continuous Manure Applicator! 

One: Pull Out Cycle

The tractor pulls the injector with the patented CMA swivel arm. The arm pulls out the hard hose away from the CMA and incorporates in 30’ or 40′ width rows.

Two: Turn Cycle

When the tractor gets to the opposite end of the field (up to 1/2 a mile). the tractor turns 180o and comes back down the field, incorporating another 30’ strip. When the tractor turns, the swing arm turns to the side of the tool-bar, which keeps the hose in the same row it was pulled out on.

Three: Retrieve Cycle

The tractor returns at the same speed it is pulled out. Tractor ground speed on the return trip is synchronized by coordination between the CMA and the injector operators.

Four: Advance Turn

The towable CMA SILVER reel is controlled by the operator in the tow tractor. While the injection tractor is completing its return trip, the CMA reel operator moves forward 60’ in order to start another pass.

Also available in an automatic version.

  • Spring, Summer and Fall Application
  • Reduced Compaction
    • Eliminate heavy tankers on the field
    •  1 4+ weight difference between Cadman injector and tractor VS. tractor and large tanker going up your field
    • Complete in 1 continuous pass
    • No fertilizer equipment needed
    • No cultivating needed
    • Limiting trafficked acres by utilizing an injector or dribble bar
  • All Season Machine
    • Application period increased by at least 2 months
    • 1,100 – 1,200 gals/min (4,545 l/hr) continuously, up to 72,000 gals/hr (272,550 l/hr)
    • Reducing run-off in the Fall