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Ginseng Broadcast Irrigation Carts


Broadcast cart

Cadman Irrigation

Use instead of a travelling gun and gun cart. Perfect for crops growing under a shade or canopy, like Ginseng. 

Product Information

The Cadman Broadcast Cart is excellent for watering crops grown under a shade or canopy, or for areas that are subject to high wind. An alternative to high cost/high-maintenance booms, the Broadcast Cart operates in the same manner as a regular traveller gun cart. Simply pull out the cart on your traveller and begin to wind in the hose. The cart will provide even distribution with a spread pattern between 120 to 200 feet in width.

  • Each Broadcast Cart has a heavy-duty gear box that operates two 1″ sprinkler tubes.
  • Each tube comes with a set of seven rings to change flow and diameter. As well,
    the trajectory of the tubes can be changed from –15° to +15° by simply turning the adjustment screws.