Why Commodity Farmers are turning to pivot irrigation solutions

Local growers are turning to permanent pivot irrigation solutions.

Over the past decade, Ontario has seen a significant increase in pivot and lateral irrigation system use. Despite this, we have found that Ontario remains largely unfamiliar with them. While some areas in the United States and Canada make very effective use of this type of irrigation, there is a sense from some growers that Ontario’s fields do not lend themselves to pivots and lateral systems. With the right design and infrastructure, we know we can show you that virtually any field can be home to one of these cost-saving, yield-boosting, simple-to-use systems.

If you have considered pivot irrigation before, some new and exciting options have just recently become available to our pivot customers that warrant a closer look. Additionally, Reinke is now offering affordable financing options to Canadian farmers at incredible rates and terms, meaning that pivots are now more cost-effective than ever before.

Why Choose Our Pivot Irrigation Systems?

  • Increase crop yields with precise and consistent watering.

  • Save on labour and resources.

  • Boost your farm’s overall productivity.

  • Gain peace of mind with reliable and durable technology.

Our Ontario Sales team, Duane Phillips and Alicia Balberman, are eager to work with Ontario farmers to explore all possible irrigation options, from pivots to laterals, booms, and travellers. Let Cadman Power Equipment use our expertise in irrigation to help you maximize your yields, increase your profits, avoid crop damage due to drought, and save you both time and money. We look forward to hearing from you!


Why commodity farmers are turning to irrigation solutions.

Irrigation in the commodities industry can bring several benefits to farmers, and documenting the process can help optimize yields and overall farm management. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Increased Crop Yields: Irrigation provides a consistent and reliable water supply to crops, ensuring that they receive adequate moisture throughout the growing season. This can lead to higher yields and more productive harvests, especially in regions with irregular rainfall patterns.

  • Risk Mitigation: Irrigation reduces the dependence on rainfall, making farmers less vulnerable to droughts, floods, and other weather-related risks. It provides a safety net for farmers in case of adverse weather conditions.

  • Crop Diversification: With irrigation, farmers can diversify their crops, growing a wider variety of cash crops. This can help spread risk and provide income from different sources.

  • Improved Crop Quality: Consistent water availability allows for better control of crop growth and quality. This is particularly important for cash crops where quality can significantly affect market prices.

  • Efficient Resource Management: Documenting irrigation practices and water usage can help farmers optimize their resource management. They can monitor water consumption, adjust irrigation schedules, and reduce water wastage, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits.

  • Sustainability: Proper irrigation practices, when managed sustainably, can lead to the efficient use of water resources and minimize environmental impacts. Documenting these practices can help demonstrate a commitment to sustainable agriculture.

  • Access to Export Markets: Many cash crops are exported to international markets. With irrigation, farmers can meet quality and quantity standards required for export, which can open up new and more lucrative markets.

  • Loan and Investment Opportunities: Documenting irrigation practices and the resulting improvements in crop yields and profitability can make it easier for farmers to access loans or attract investment for further farm development.

To maximize these benefits, it’s important for farmers to implement efficient and sustainable irrigation practices and to keep detailed records of irrigation schedules, water usage, and crop performance. This data can help in making informed decisions, improving farm management, and increasing the long-term sustainability and profitability of cash crop farming.

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