Cadman Announces the Launch of Their 1000 Series Mini Water Travellers

Courtland, Ontario (October 2015) – Cadman has announced the launch of their new line of mini irrigation travellers. These pint-sized irrigation travellers have a brilliant new design, are easy to maneuver, and are packed with Cadman’s own sophisticated iWaterTM technology into a sleek yet rugged frame.

Cadman’s extensive experience with large travellers in agricultural settings has been put to use in the design and manufacturing of the mini-travellers. Cadman minis have a wide variety of uses from watering gardens and estate lots; sports field irrigation and artificial turf cooling; industrial and arena dust suppression; engineered footing for equestrian events; and even cemetery irrigation.

“From wastewater disposal to residential landscaping, the Cadman minis can do any irrigation job that our larger travellers do,” says Craig Cadman, Vice-President of Operations at Cadman Power. “They are elegantly simple in their design: water never touches any moving parts, and iWaterTM technology makes them easy to use, and greatly improves irrigation accuracy over our competitors’ models.”

Cadman Mini Travellers use the innovative and simple-to-use iWaterTM Mini controller coupled with an electric drive system for the ultimate inaccuracy. Compared to systems without speed compensation, or with speed compensation based on inaccurate turbine controls, the Cadman system provides more accurate and reliable watering throughout the run.

The electric motor drive does not rely on water pressure to retrieve the hose, reducing the need for high pressure at the inlet, and allowing for retrieve rates as low as 1” per minute and as high as 130” per minute regardless of flow rate or available pressure. The computer does all of the work – the user only needs to pull out the hose, tell the computer what retrieve rate to use, engage the clutch – and walk away.

Cadman is the first manufacturer to produce a computer-controlled mini machine with accurate speed compensation. They have engineered their machines to be strong, simple to use, and easy to maintain.

Dave Dyrek is a small organic vegetable farmer in Chicago, Illinois. He farms 12 acres of land and uses the Cadman Mini for his irrigation needs. He used a Cadman 1250 Mini to irrigate with water from wells with an average flow rate of 27 gallons per minute.

He was very impressed with the new control system. “It works perfect” Dave exclaimed. “This darn thing is so perfect, I may just buy another one if I acquire the land across the way. If I set it for an inch a minute, that is what I get every time. It’s perfect… It is the ultimate machine for my small well!”

The minis are ready to ship and orders can be placed through Cadman’s network of dealers, or contact us directly at 1-866-4CADMAN or see our contact page.


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